Wood boiler with manual loading

The OPOP wood gasification boiler H4EKO‑D with manual loading guarantees one of the lowest heating costs. Fuel: dry wood.

16-25 kW

The OPOP wood gasification boiler H4EKO‑D with manual feeding guarantees one of the lowest heating costs. Fuel: dry wood.

The intelligent wood boilers combine classic heating with modern technology that guarantee high efficiency.

Easy Operation

  • The wood gasification boiler has a large hopper so that you don’t have to refill very often.
  • It’s designed for burning large pieces of wood and has low fuel consumption.
  • The boiler can be regulated by an outdoor sensor to compensate for temperature differences, ensuring a stable household temperature.
  • The boiler includes a cooling unit.
  • It’s possible to add an electric coil for electric heating.

Economic operation

  • Efficiency up to 90.2%.
  • Low fuel and electricity consumption.
  • The added extraction ventilator ensures more efficient combustion and a minimum of ash.
  • It belongs to emission class 4 and meets ecodesign conditions.

Small size

  • It’s also suitable for small boiler rooms with low ceilings.
  • Boilers with an output of 16 kW and 20 kW can also fit through a 60 cm width.

Boilers long service life

  • The exchanger’s 5-mm sheet thickness guarantees its long service life.
  • Warranty 5 years

A – total boiler height 964mm
B – total depth of the boiler 1085mm
C – boiler width H416: 498mm – H420: 598mm – H425: 698mm
D – location of smoke flue 635mm
E – the location of the water inlet 109mm
F – the location of the water outlet 791mm
H – placing a cooling loop 238mm
I – location of the heater 173mm
J – location of the drain valve 77mm

Output Options:

H416 EKO-D
Nominal Power: 16 kW

Nominal Power: 20 kW

Nominal Power: 25 kW



Internet Module CS

The Internet module connects your boiler with an application that continuously monitors the boiler’s operation and also stores its operating history in easy-to-read graphs. It accurately displays the operation of the heating system components and, hence, you can change the set parameters. With this module, the heating can be activated remotely.

At the same time, the online system enables sending error and information messages to your smartphone.

You can preview our online system at www.opop.emodul.eu. After clicking on “Test account,” you see an example of a boiler connected to our online system. And when you click on “Map” you see all our boilers connected online throughout Europe.

Internet Module CS

RT10 Universal Room Thermostat

RT 10 Universal room thermostat is designed to control and monitor room temperature, central heating temperature and DHW temperature. The device contains a weekly heating programme and works with four mixing valves (using other equipment) and includes a parental lock to protect against unwanted setting changes.

The thermostat has an easy-to-read large graphic colour touch screen that makes it easy to read and change thermostat parameters.

Furthermore, you can change the temperatures of both the boiler and, for example, individual heating circuit temperature, storage container, DHW tank and so on.

The package also includes a structure that facilitates wall mounting.

If the boiler is connected to the Internet, it’s also possible to remotely change the temperature in the building using a free application on your phone.

RT10 Thermostat

CS260 Wireless Module

The wireless module is an additional accessory to the RT10 room thermostat. Enables a wireless connection between the thermostat and boiler.

However, the wireless version needs mains power. Therefore, the thermostat is connected in the room to a 230V socket and from the thermostat, the signal is sent wirelessly to the boiler room, where it is processed by a receiver connected to the boiler.


Contact us for more information

Installation can be undertaken via our network of partners and by ourselves locally within mid and South Wales.

We are Heat Geek certified and APHC members.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 280 × 300 × 240 cm


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