OPOP Boilers H4EKO-D

OPOP have been producing solid fuel boilers in the Czech Republic since 1959.

They are located in Valašské Meziříčí and the chill from the Beskydy Mountains breathes on them every day. That’s why they make boilers that can heat homes for decades. They reliably provide warmth, comfort, convenience and save time.

They use decades of experience and the hearty and reliable employees, who approach their work conscientiously and consistently.

Their goal is to sensitively anticipate customers’ future needs. They not only produce solid and powerful boilers, but also develop new lines and innovations.

OPOP Boilers

Quality comes first

OPOP have been manufacturing solid boilers since 1959, which protects you from getting cold.

OPOP Boilers

Cost-effective innovations

OPOP develop innovations so that their products are eco-friendly, go easy on your wallet and save time you spend with the boiler.

OPOP Boilers

Minimum emissions

OPOP boilers are easy to operate. They have efficiencies of up to 90.2%, fall into the class 5 emission category and meet ecodesign conditions.

OPOP solid fuel boilers will become an integral part of your life

Wood gasification boilers with manual feeding guarantee one of the lowest heating costs at a reasonable price. Another advantage is its large hopper so that you don’t have to refill too often.

Intelligent automatic OPOP H4EKO-D & H4EKO-D MAX wood boilers have large hoppers and are designed for burning large pieces of wood. Thanks to their clever design, they can be placed in small boiler rooms.

OPOP Boilers

Boilers that save

All OPOP boilers have above-average efficiency in their categories, and therefore go easy on your wallet.

OPOP Boilers

Easy stoking

Easy operation and feeding is a matter of course. And a refilled hopper lasts 3 days in winter in most boilers.

OPOP Boilers

Small boiler size

Thanks to clever design, the boiler can be placed in smaller spaces.

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