Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pumps
Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pumps

Quiet and versatile

Have you been dreaming of a silent heat pump for quite some time? One that will never interrupt your nightly rest? Our new housing design ensures that Kronoterm heat pumps work quietly, nearly silently even, no matter the conditions or location.

You will sleep like an angel and wake up to a warm and cozy home. You’ll also get along with your neighbours a lot better. These new heat pumps both warm and cool your home, working for you even during the hottest summer days.

Smart, small, and efficient

Clever design means that it works exactly as your home needs it to, learning from past cycles. With IAHTM system the heating will be 30% more efficient! It does its job peacefully, with exactly the right amount of energy and at the perfect temperature. This means it will stay with you for years, bringing you great savings forever. It doesn’t need a lot of room either, as a mere 0.5m2 is more than enough space. In that tiny area you’ll find everything you needed in a boiler room.

At one with nature

You will barely notice how elegantly your heat pump blends in with its surroundings. With the MyDesign™ system you can adapt it to your space. Choose from a wide range of colours and materials for your housing. Be bold and let your heat pump provide your home with added value. It will not just be beautiful, though, as Kronoterm’s heat pumps are also distinguished by their extraordinary care for the environment. Made from environmentally friendly materials, a state-of-the-art cooling system and a new coolant reduces greenhouse emissions by a whopping 68 % (compared to conventional heat pumps).

Efficient and durable

Designed to last. The ECL™ system ensures that all system components operate safely, reliably and efficiently. Like, making sure that the compressor is lubricated just right, all the time at all conditions. Things like this enable the heat pump to run reliably, efficiently and quietly at freezing -25°C or scorching 40°C all while heating the tap water up to 60 °C. Perfect for any climate and heating system, including in-floor heating and traditional radiator systems.


Simple installation with all extra necessary equipment saves you tons of time, nerves, and money. Modular design reduces the costs of both installation and connection. Maintenance is also a breeze from day one to the very end, as it can even be maintained remotely. Sure enough, your smart heat pump connects to a mobile app on your smartphone, giving you complete oversight over your system and letting you change settings from your home, work, or even vacation. It can also connect to smart grids, domestic CNS systems, and to solar cells for self-sufficient operation.

Communicative and friendly

Your smart heat pump also acts as a device to intelligently manage other heating sources such as oil, natural gas, or biomass.

More Information

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The Adapt System


The external unit is a compact heat pump, installed in your yard or driveway. It draws heat from the air, transferring it to a liquid medium to distribute heat through your home. Adapt external units are crafted to be as unintrusive as possible, as they operate in almost total silence. Modern attention to aesthetics combines perfectly with the architecture of the building and its surroundings. The housing is shaped to protect it from adverse weather, ensuring it will heat your home for years to come.

Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pump


The clever design of the indoor hydraulic unit takes up less than 0.5 m2 of floor space. It thus becomes a silent and inconspicuous part of your furniture, as we even made sure to remove all lights and other bothersome elements. Not only does it provide heat for your home, it also heats your tap water and also features a thermal disinfection option. This ensures that your home will be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and friendly to your health and the environment year-round. There are two types:

• A compact indoor unit with a built-in reservoir for DHW, along with an optional buffer tank, for producing large quantities of sanitary water.

• An indoor wall unit with an extra buffer tank that can be installed, e.g., above a washing machine.

Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pump


Other than the feeling of warmth and comfort, the only sign of your heat pump is the elegant, wall-mounted KT-2A interface. Use it to adjust your heat pump and heating system, without ever actually needing to touch the heat pump itself. The smart interface displays the ambient temperature and how it changes based on your preferences and the outside temperature, as well as a wide range of advanced functions for automatically regulating heating temperature and your domestic hot water.

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