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Comprehensive solutions

Kronoterm has always been design, development, production and implementation led of high-tech devices for economical and environmentally friendly heating and cooling. Their commitment to the activity is one of the core values ​​of the company, which builds its reputation on professionalism and expertise.

Continuous investment in knowledge and development, advanced technology, strategic partnerships, quality and flexibility of production and services, technical support to partners and customers, and highly qualified service support are the values ​​and advantages that make KRONOTERM d.o.o. The Kronoterm brand is recognized as the most professional and trustworthy company.

Company Vision

In the further development and operation, Kronoterm aims to expand the production and marketing of DHW heating systems, heating and cooling facilities, as well as waste heat recovery. The basis of all development is the production and marketing of heating and cooling systems tailored to the needs of customers. At the same time, the motto is the exploitation of renewable energy sources in the cheapest possible way, and thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and environmental pollution.

Kronoterm’s story of success continues

In 2012, their DHW heat pump TČ2VZRT/E-321ECO NT won best result in efficiency among all measured heat pumps of various manufacturers on the Swiss institute. According to standard EN 16147 (A15 / W10-55), which has already been established among all manufacturers in the last two years, the heat pump achieved a heating number of 3.1.

In June 2015, which marked the 25th anniversary of Kronoterm’s market presence, their heat pump KRONOTERM WP2 LF-301E repeated their success and surpassed the milestone which no tested heat pump was able to achieve with this institute thus far! In accordance with the standard EN 16147 (A20 / W10-55), we achieved the best result among all producers – COP 3.8!

Kronoterm set the milestones of efficiency even higher in January! They were the first among competitors to achieve the magical coefficient of efficiency of 4.0 with the heat pump WP2 LF-302E, for which they also obtained the TÜV certificate.

What do the results mean for the end customer?

The numbers alone, which this kind of heat pump offers, cannot be of any use for the end user. The construction improvements of the ECO model mean that it is possible to heat the same amount of water with more than 10% lower costs than before. The difference between heating DHW with a heat pump compared to conventional heat sources is now even greater in favour of heat pumps. We have also lowered the use of electricity in stand-by mode for additional 22%. Your savings can be even bigger!

What does this result mean for Kronoterm?

To have the best heat pump on the market is undoubtedly a great privilege, but this privilege requires a lot of effort. This result testifies to the effort put in development in form of continuous searching for better and higher quality solutions, ever more efficient components and the simplest possible operation for the end user.

The new production facilities are very tightly monitored with a higher quality production process. These kinds of quality products open up new sales opportunities onto foreign markets as well as ever more customers who cherish technologically advanced products and want high savings with the purchased device. Despite good results the development of DHW heat pumps continues.

In the words of the owner of the company Mr. Rudi Kronovšek, the DHW heat pump is a product which every home should have. Using the Kronoterm heat pumps means savings. The experience of our customers and the number of installed devices, shows the product is worth your trust.

Rich Experience & Tradition

More than 33 years experience

Development of heat pumps since 1976

Founded in February 1990

Cooperation with known European customers and suppliers

More than 60,000 installed devices

Premium Products

Best results on the WPZ institute in Switzerland

Multiple title of “Most efficient heat pumps in Europe”

We build heat pumps also for the most demanding investors

Production for foreign markets, such as: Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland

70,000 Users

More than 70,000 installed heat pumps in more than 25 years

Produced heat pumps for celebrities

More than 6,000 DHW heat pumps yearly

More than 1,000 heating heat pumps yearly

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