Rank Heat Pumps
Rank Heat Pumps

Very High Temperature Heat Pumps

Perfect for applications under phase 3 of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

When there are demands for useful heat with temperatures above 100°C, the Rank® HP equipment allows to take advantage of heat sources of lower temperature and satisfy the demands of useful heat at a higher temperature. It is a high temperature heat pump, with maximum temperatures of heat production of 140ºC, and values of COP of 4.

Within the range of Rank® HP products, we find different products that allow the generation of useful heat with thermal powers of 120kWt to 2,000kWt.

What is it for?

The Rank® HP equipment allows the production of useful heat at a higher temperature through the use of a low-temperature heat source. For this, they consume electrical energy but efficiently.

A Rank® machine for every need

Whatever your need is, there is a Rank® machine that can be adapted to it through a variety of products that cover a wide range of power.

Energy and economic savings

The Rank® HP equipment has associated important energy and economic savings. This is because of the high values of COP they present. A value of COP of 4 indicates that to generate 4kWt of useful heat at high temperatures, only 1kWe of electrical consumption is required. Obviously, it is a heat production much more efficient than an electrical resistance. In addition, by using a quarter of the necessary energy, energy, and economic savings are produced concerning the use of fossil fuels. This is due to using a low-temperature heat source and the high-temperature heat pump cycle used.

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We are Heat Geek certified and APHC members.

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Rank HP1 120-240kWt

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Rank HP3 500-1000kWt

Rank HP4 1000-2000kWt