When you will buy H4EKO-D or H4EKO-D MAX boiler with a hydraulic set between 2 November and 15 December 2023

We will be offering an amazing 15% discount off our list price.

The offer is only valid for our OPOP log boiler ranges and when purchased in conjunction with our range of hydronic return sets.

The hydronic set simplifies the installation of OPOP boilers and shortens the time required to connect the boiler to
the heating system. In addition, it guarantees the correct functionality of the boiler and the entire heating system..
The set is equipped with a thermostatic valve and a pump to ensure boiler protection against low-temperature
corrosion. The safety group includes a venting valve, a pressure gauge and a 2.5 bar safety valve. Enables connection
to the heating system and boiler for hot water heating.

So what are you waiting for, order today to ensure you don’t miss this fantastic offer!

All our boilers are suitable for installation under the BUS scheme and come with a certified emission certificate.

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